Terms and conditions of use

  1. The Press and Information Office of the Federal Government (hereinafter BPA) has acquired all rights of use from the originators of the digital images, provided nothing to the contrary is stated, e.g. in the accompanying information.
  2. The information about the image and the restrictions on use contained therein must be respected. The user shall be liable for any damages resulting from any failure to comply with such restrictions. The user must thus assure the BPA of indemnity from any claims by third parties.
  3. The images can, in principle, be downloaded free of charge and used within the framework of current reporting on the G8 summit for the following purposes:
    - Press publications
    - Publications in printed media
    - Publications in the form of films or television broadcasts
    - Online and multimedia publications
    Further-reaching utilisation for commercial purposes, in particular for advertising purposes, is not permissible.
  4. Any processing, changing or manipulation of the digital images, which goes beyond colour corrections, cropping or reducing the overall size is not permissible and requires the prior written authorisation of the BPA. Digital images must not be reproduced in a context, which would distort their meaning.
  5. Any distortion of the work protected by copyright in image or in word or in any other form, e.g. post-photographing, art manipulation, photocomposing or electronic aids is not permissible. The user shall be responsible for text attached.
  6. The press shall be obliged, in particular, to comply with the fundamental code of conduct the German Press Council (German Press Code). The authorisation to utilise picture material does not automatically guarantee that the persons depicted, the holders of the rights to the works portrayed or the holders of titles to trade marks and other protected rights have given their consent to the public reproduction. The user shall be responsible for obtaining the consent of third parties that might become necessary in individual cases. The user shall respect the privacy rights, the copyright, trade mark rights and all other protected rights of individuals, works, objects or symbols depicted. Should these rights not be respected, the user shall be solely liable for any damages payable to third parties.
  7. The BPA reserves the right to investigate any suspicions of improper utilisation or any serious infringement of the terms and conditions of use.
  8. When digital images are used, the source should be given as "Federal Government/name of photographer". This also applies to electronic publications (e.g. websites). Before any material is published in printed form, a copy must be sent free of charge to the BPA without the latter having to request the same: Press and Information Office of the Federal Government, Bildagentur, 11044 Berlin, Germany