Summit theme Africa

The neighbouring continent has been in the focus of the G8 deliberations for more than five years. Germany will take this focal point forward in 2007 with new emphasis.  

Genoa 2001

At the Genoa summit the G8 nominate a high-ranking representative from each member country. With their help a concrete action plan is to be developed for adoption at the 2002 summit.

Kananaskis 2002

The G8 met with the Presidents of Algeria, Nigeria and South Africa and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, to discuss the situation in Africa. The G8 adopted a detailed Action Plan for Africa in response to the adoption of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD).
Each G8 country undertook to establish enhanced partnerships with one of the NEPAD countries. Such partnerships would involve, amongst others, projects in the fields of health or economics, debt relief or water management.

Evian 2003

The first report on the implementation of the Action Plan for Africa is put forward. The G8 affirm their support for NEPAD, which is expressed particularly in reconstruction aid for the member states. Progress is to be discussed again in 2005.

Gleneagles 2005

The second report on the Action Plan is signed off. It lays emphasis on such successes as economic growth of 5.3 percent and an inflation rate below 10 percent (1985: 41 percent). In addition the introduction of institutions such as the African Union Peace and Security Council and the African Peer Review Mechanism is recognised.
Visitors include the heads of state of Senegal, Tanzania, South Africa and Nigeria together with representatives of the World Bank, IMF and the UN.

St. Petersburg 2006

The update on Africa again displays successes in the area of security: The G8 support the African Support Force and support the African Union in its involvement in Darfur.

German contribution:

At the summit in Evian (2003), Germany undertook to increase its reconstruction aid from 0.27 percent of GDP (2002) to 0.33% (2006).
33 percent of the German development aid is to go to Africa.