Questions and answers about security around Heiligendamm

The Mecklenburg–Western Pomerania Police have assembled some frequently asked questions about summit security. Here you will find information about security measures around Heiligendamm.


Who is responsible for security during the G8 summit?

Security during the summit is in the hands of the Mecklenburg–Western Pomerania Police, with support from other forces, and the Federal Police and Federal Office of Criminal Investigation. These three forces are in principle responsible for different areas and different aspects of security, but given that these are all intimately related they will be working very closely together.
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Will there be a security zone around the venue?

Yes. A 12-13 km security fence will be erected around Heiligendamm. No other regions will be affected. Only authorized persons will be permitted to enter this outer security zone.
Inside the fence there will be an inner security zone, comprising the grounds of the Grand Hotel Kempinski. There will be no access to this zone for local people.
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Who are authorised persons, and what are the registration procedures?

Authorised persons are the residents of Heiligendamm and owners and occupiers of property within the outer security zone, and also tradesmen, employees, emergency personnel, health workers, couriers and suppliers, as well as registered guests and visitors to residents.
The police are responsible for the identification and registration of the above categories of persons. As an authorised person, you can help the police in this by contacting them yourself using the special phoneline on 0180-5010766 (0.12 €/ min) or by e-mail to
Special passes will be issued for authorised persons and their vehicles. Only authorised persons and vehicles will be permitted to circulate within the outer security zone.
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When will controls come into effect?

The security fence will be erected between January and May 2007. The first controls will come into effect when it is completed, and these will intensify as the summit approaches. Control of access to the outer security zone will begin, under present plans, on the weekend preceding the summit meeting.
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Will motor vehicles be banned from the streets and public places of Heiligendamm for the duration of the summit?

There will be areas where no motor vehicles may be parked for the duration of the summit. These areas, however, have not yet been precisely determined.
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Can I use my own car?

If you are in one of the categories of authorised person, yes. But you will have to expect controls and searches. Because of this, the police recommend that you use the big car park at the racecourse. A shuttle will be provided between the racecourse and Heiligendamm.
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Where will the access checkpoints be?

One checkpoint (Rennbahn) will be at the car park on the racecourse grounds.
Only pedestrians and cyclists will be admitted here, but parking facilities will be available. There will be a shuttle-service between Heiligendamm and the checkpoint. There will be no local public transport within the outer security zone.
Another checkpoint will be at Hinter Bollhagen on the Landesstrasse 12. Motor vehicles will be admitted here, but long delays must be expected, due to the need to search vehicles and their occupants.
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What about short-term measures connected with the private activities of official guests (e.g. cycling or jogging)?

There may in this case be temporary closures or time restrictions. If we are given sufficient notice, we shall endeavour to inform the public of these in advance.
There may be brief periods, too, when motorcades pass by, when the public will not be able to leave their homes or other premises. Shuttle services will also be suspended at such times.
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Will bicycles, baby carriages and other such items be banned from streets and public places?

There will be areas where these are not permitted. These areas have however not yet been precisely determined.
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Will the Molli steam railway between Kühlungsborn and Bad Doberan via Heiligendamm continue to run during the summit?

The Molli-Bahn will not be open to the public during the summit.
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What traffic restrictions will there be?

As no traffic plan yet exists, it is impossible to say anything about this at the moment.
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Where might there be traffic restrictions?

There may be traffic restrictions in places near Heiligendamm (Kühlungsborn, Bad Doberan).
In addition, there may be traffic restrictions in the city of Rostock and around Rostock-Laage Airport.
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Can hoteliers, guesthouse-keepers and owners of holiday homes take bookings for the summit period?

Yes, but people who make bookings for the summit period must expect to face severe restrictions. However, firm bookings can be taken.
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What about beach chairs? Will bathing be permitted?

There will be prohibitions on bathing in the Heiligendamm area. The precise times have not yet been fixed. It will not be possible to set up roofed wicker beach chairs, so-called Strandkörbe, during the summit.
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Will there be adverse effects on my business?

We are endeavouring to keep the public informed in good time. We want to stay in close contact and solve problems together. What restrictions there may be on businesses has not yet been decided.
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I am a hunter. Will I be able to go hunting in the woods around Heiligendamm?

Hunting will not be possible within the outer security zone. It is not yet clear to what extent hunting will be permitted outside the zone.
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Will there be a curfew during the summit period?

There are no plans for a curfew.