Nothing can justify the violence that occurred during anti-G8 protests

Sun, 03.06.2007
Chancellor Angela Merkel deplored the violence seen during anti-globalisation demonstrations on Saturday in Rostock.
"The images are appalling," declared Merkel during the "Bericht aus Berlin" newscast shown on German television's first channel, ARD. Nothing, she continued, could justify the use of violence on the part of some of the demonstrators.
The police will now be analysing the course of events very thoroughly. "I have every confidence in the police. I hope that the officers injured in the course of duty make a swift recovery," said the Chancellor.
Merkel welcomed the fact that the organisers of peaceful protests have condemned the acts of violence unequivocally. The image of Germany abroad is also shaped by the voice of the vast majority of its citizens, who firmly believe that violence is not an acceptable way to achieve one's objectives, she said.

It is important to meet and talk

Only one day earlier the Chancellor pointed out in her weekly video message how important the G8 Summit is. In spite of the time, energy and money involved in organising a meeting of this it is vital that we meet face to face and talk with one another. "It is not always enough for two leaders to phone. Sometimes we must sit together ad discuss how we can give globalisation a more human face," she added, speaking on the ARD.
Critics provide an important incentive not to lose sight of the human dimensions of globalisation, said Merkel. "There is always give and take, a process of discussion in the run-up to a Summit of this sort." We must not let violence destroy this.