Who will be taking part in the 2007 G8 Summit?

For some time now the G8 Summit has been more than just a meeting of the biggest industrial nations. Invitations to Heiligendamm have been sent to other partners too: Five big emerging economies as well as important African states will be sitting around the conference table.
The meetings of the eight Heads of State and Government have for a long time be more than mere cosy fireside chats. As at any other big international conference, the heads of the delegations will be accompanied by members of their staff and by members of the press.
The Heads of State and Government are first and foremost supported by their "sherpas". These personal representatives for the G8 Process meet regularly to prepare the Summit. They will be sitting with their bosses during the actual negotiations in Heiligendamm.
There are others in the delegations too, without whom the G8 Summit would not be possible.
They include people from the following areas:
  • Staff of the Heads of State and Government
  • Sherpa staff
  • Organisation
  • Protocol
  • Translation service
  • Press office
  • Internet editorial team
  • Stenographic service
  • Official photographers

Discussions with emerging economies

The G8 - an international forum of leading industrial nations - aim to find new answers to global political and global economic problems in dialogue with the big emerging economies.
That is why Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel has invited Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa to take part in the so-called Outreach Meetings in Heiligendamm.

Dialogue with Africa

The German G8 Presidency is continuing the dialogue based on trust with African partners.
Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Senegal and Ghana (which currently holds the Chair of the African Union) will be represented at "Outreach Africa" in Heiligendamm.

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